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RektbyMe Apply

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14 almost 15.


Are you known with any type coding
No I am not.

Schedule of online time
Monday: 1 hour
Tuesday: 1-2 hours
Wednesday: 1 hour
Thursday: 2-3 hours
Friday: 6-9 hours
Saturday 6-11 Hours
Sunday 4-8 Hours

Why do you want to moderate on Vexxumfactions?
K first off, dont hate me but your staff is sh*t. I would love to be staff because of the following reasons. 1. Your staff can't screenshare and I am really good in screensharing I know how to find all the hacks, ghost clients and more! 2. I know how to check if people are hacking!


I am a co-operative person in – game, I always reply to people in chat if they need help, though I’m not staff at the moment I pretend to be one, so I am basically learning by myself how to act and treat people when your staff. When staff is occupied I try and do my best to answer other player’s questions.


As you’ve seen on my time schedule (above) you would think I am active, and you’re right! I am really active on vexxumfactions meaning if staff are not online at the current time, I would be online meaning hackers or advertisers will not be able to hack/advertise making vexxumfactions a better place and a good environment to play on. Also, being active means that you can help people almost at any time that you're online.


When a new player joins the server I occasionally (TruthFTW) say “Welcome” meaning they feel like they belong to the server, even though they have just joined the server. Also, being kind enables you that you’ve done a good deed(s) of the day, I have given new people money (usually $100,000) and some basic stuff to start out with meaning they can have a semi – strong base etc.

Catching hackers

I know when players are hacking by toggling or even obvious hacks. I do have a hacked client installed (I don’t use it on vexxumfactions) and test all the components on other servers, and on single player, therefore, I know what hacks look like and making vexxumfactions a cleaner place, so you don’t get beat by a hacker every time you want to pvp with legit people and who want to be a part of the community. I also have a recorder OBS ready on standby meaning hackers won’t try to disable their hacks so, they will always get caught ASAP.


I have a good amount of patience meaning if I need to screen share people, and they have a good reason why they can't join TeamSpeak in 5mins I can give them 10 -15 minutes more, so they have more time to prove to me or staff members that they are legit and do not hack at all, so they do not hate the server because they got "false-banned".

On what servers have you been staff?
Maplecraft: Helper
And a some servers where me and IntheVan were staff.
GMT Amsterdam Netherlands!

For how long have you been playing on VexxumFactions?
2 weeks

Anything else we should know?
I am Luuk 14 years old. I am enjoying my stay here on this server. I am a cool guys that loves to talk with people in discord. I am quite good in moderating the chat and finding hackers.

I would love to be a staff member, so I can make this a better place for everyone! I am really good at moderating and I am decent at building. I am also decent in pvping. but I am god in helpiing people!

Hope you enjoyed reading,

Luuk <3


2 wow wow This not really Okay  but your staff is sh*t. you should not say that



The staff is excually sh*t they dont have respect for players.



Strenghty wrote:

The staff is excually sh*t they dont have respect for players.


Some staff arent that mature



accepted log on and you will have your rank


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