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Strenghty | Helper application

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- My current inGame name is VexxumFactions, I might be changing it soon to an more "OG" name. For any previous names you could just search my name up on ""

- I currently am 13 years old, and I am turning 14 in 4 months. People of the age 13 can be seen as "inmature" but thats different with me.

- I can be very mature, eventough alot of people think of 13 years olds that they are very inMature. I am trying to gain more maturity trough out my sesion working on the server.

Are you known with any type coding?
- I am not known with any type of coding, all I can do is configurate plugins and try and patch bugs.

Schedule of online time
- (GMT +1)
Monday: 4PM -> 5:30PM
Tuesday: 2PM -> 4PM
Wednesday: 3PM -> 4PM
Thursday: 2PM -> 5 PM
Friday: 2:30PM -> 3:30PM
Saturday: 2PM -> 3PM
Sunday: 10AM -> 11AM
These are my time's on my computer. 60% of the time I would be on minechat.

Why do you want to moderate on Vexxumfactions?
- I currently am making my own server and I am looking forward to help this server out with bugs, the community and the economy. I would do this by answerijg questions of players and trying to help out if they have an problem or found an bug. Fixing the economy is me just trying to watch what Admin's do and help them remind of not giving out to many crate keys. I do excually want to help the server out of reaching his full potential. My experience on this server has been decent so I do know the community pretty well. I like VexxumFactions 3.0 and I see alot of people that are in need of help, so I would love to help them all out.

On what servers have you been staff?
This is my current own server, on this server I just configure a lot and try help and select my staff team. I am not known of the staff rules if youre allowed to be staff  on other servers.

On VexxumFactions I was an manager until I was demoted for an reason that was legit. After being demoted I was a moderator but after a small time I resigned because I wasn't enjoying the server because the economy begun to broke worse.

OreMC (2.0 and 3.0)
This has been my own server that was decently succesfull. I learned alot of things while being an Owner of the OreMC network.

- GMT +1 (Dutch//EU)

For how long have you been playing on VexxumFactions?
- I have played 1.0 and 2.0 and I am really looking forward to the new reset. And I hope the server packs out very well. In this time I excually enjoyed playing the server, and I have learned from my mistakes. Instead of many staff I have excually played all the maps, and I have put effort in all of the maps that were made.

Anything else we should know?
- I would like you to judge me as an new player, and not as the bad Manager I was.
I do know that I was not a good Manager so thats were I want to improve in. Now I can play on my alternate account and be stafaf on my main account.

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You had multiple spelling mistakes in here, immaturity is imminent.



This is hard to read :(



Also, we can't trust you do to former abuse. We'll see what Van says however.



Add more detail and change the color









When you've waited so fucking long and they still dont respond.



Strenghty wrote:

When you've waited so fucking long and they still dont respond.

That kinda proves you're immature, no need to swear. And as the staff team has alot of people, it might take a while.

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Dont even want to be staff



When your not patient and flooding because they dont respond and ur saying ur mature  :rain:


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