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Ban Appeal - Schulausfall

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Age: 14
Past Username/s: Schulausfall
Reason For Ban: X-Ray
Guilty?: Yes.
Date of Ban: April, 11th
Who banned you?: Lamest
Why should you be unbanned?:

First of all, i am really sorry that i downloaded hacks, to find more spawners, because i was really pissed.
We lost 40 dubs because of a unraidible raid event, and today we lost 35 Creeper´s and 11 IGS, because
Thekiller couldnt do /fly cause of an server lagg.
Thats why i was really angry and decided to download xray.
After 10 minutes Lamest caught me, and i admitted instantly because i knew that im gonna get banned.
I started to get mad, because i got banned on my fav. server (its not a lie, just check my online time)
After 2h i became really sorry, because i understood, that i did something wrong.
Please lower my bantime, because i got vacation and i want to play on Vexxum.

Sorry that i xrayed, and sorry for my bad english, its 2:51am.



Accepted. Your ban time has been shortened to 3 days. - Lamest

Thread Locked


You are here » Vexxum Factions » Archives » Ban Appeal - Schulausfall