IGN: JaydenDGaming

Age: 12

Maturity: I consider myself fairly mature for my age, but I still like to have fun :)

Coding: I can't code, but I intend to learn and am taking Computer Science at school, but I can understand basic config files in YML and JSON

Time: My time zone is currently UTC+1 (British Summer Time)

Why do you want to moderate: because I feel I can help the community and make it better in certain ways and I love vexxum and I feel that one day it could grow big and be the best faction server ever.

On what servers have you been staff:
I've owned my own server and have been staff on a couple of my friends servers

Length of time playing: Two seasons

Anything else: I've donated quite a bit and intend to donate more in the future, I enjoy playing on the server and interacting with the community