- BroadyHD
- 16
- I am extremely mature.
Are you known with any type coding
- I am only a plugin specialist
Schedule of online time
- Tuesday-Thur: 4 hours Friday: 4-8 hours, Sat: about 10 hours. Sun, Monday: All day. I have alot of free time on sundays and mondays.
Why do you want to moderate on Vexxumfactions?
- This is a great server and I want to see it grow substantially. My goal is to make this server a comfortable and enjoyable community. I love this server too much not to at least apply.
On what servers have you been staff?
- Ive only owned servers. Never really applied on any because I was too busy on my own. I had a total of 6 servers that shutdown and I had reopened. Every time one of my servers go down and open another one and another one. I am extremely dedicated to minecraft.
-UTC-08:00 Pacific Time Zone
For how long have you been playing on VexxumFactions?
- 3-4 Weeks
Anything else we should know?
- I donate to keep this server going :)