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I was unfairly ban...

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Your current Username (IGN): coolcole8396

Age: 14

Past Username/s: none

Reason For Ban: Kill Aura

Guilty?: (Yes / No) No

Date of Ban: 4/15/2017

Who banned you?:Didnt say

Why should you be unbanned?: I feel like I should be unban because I was never ssed and never given a chance to even show my innocence im amazing at pvp and this has hapened to me on many other small factions servers because you'd think all the good players would play on bigger servers but thats not me. So I would like to next time even if someone thinks I'm hacking to ss me.

Please note that if you are caught lying in anyway in your appeal your appeal will be immediately denied and your ban may extending depending on the severity of the lie and ban. I agree



This was already resolved just needs a staff to close it or delete it


You are here » Vexxum Factions » Archives » I was unfairly ban...