Your current Username (IGN): SchoolFailure
Age: 15
Reason For Ban: Threats/DDOS Threats
Guilty?: No, because i think its a falseban. Someone dropped my chestplate and sword ut of my inventory middle of fight and it wasn't me.
Then i said, bcuz mods did nothing, that i could crash the server or make it dead, and someone banned me for ddos treahts, even i haven't say the word ddos once
I cant even ddos and it was just a dumb joke that i could crash the server and im sorry that i said that.
In my opinion its a falseban because a mod/admin thought i will ddos the server.
Date of Ban: 15.04.2017
Who banned you?: I dont know
Why should you be unbanned?:
Because its a falseban or just a misunderstanding of my words.
Im sorry if you thought im gonna ddos the server but i cant even ddos,
and i didnt even tought about to ddos the server

If you misunderstand me, im sorry.
Please lower my ban because i want to play on Vexxumfactions.