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Unfairly banned by anti-cheat.

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Your current Username (IGN): Alonzi
Age: 16
Past Username/s: None
Reason For Ban: Flying
Guilty?: No
Date of Ban: 4/17/17
Who banned you?: Anti-Cheat
Why should you be unbanned?: I was at envoy, jumped from a tree, and landed on the tip of a block, and boom. Ban. This anti-cheat has been extraordinarily buggy, having prevented Blast from working at all, kicked you if you tried to mine specific blocks, and now, banned me for landing incorrectly. I didn't know I was so bad at parkour even the anti-cheat cringed :/

In all seriousness however, I do feel slightly cheated. I just joined the server yesterday, and have had an amazing time. This server is amazing, and it is hard to find fault in it (aside from YT exploiting bug w/ safezones not working...). I was just planning on buying a rank from the store, once I get paid, and was in the middle of working on upgrading my base. I am a little frustrated that this happened, but I have heard that Owner(s) are working on fixing the anti-cheat to be more accurate and forgiving. Thank you for your time and consideration, have a wonderful day.




I am unbanned now, don't know if it was a staff or just automatically unbans after a certain amount of time. If it was a staff member, please let me know so I can thank you specifically! :D


You are here » Vexxum Factions » Archives » Unfairly banned by anti-cheat.