Your current Username (IGN): Guitaristatlarge

Age: 13 - 14 on 19th

Past Username/s: none

Reason For Ban: Hacks

Guilty?: (Yes / No) no

Date of Ban: 4/18/17

Who banned you?: InTheVan

Why should you be unbanned?: i do want to say that i did have a hacked client on but i was not using it! I only had the client on because the optfine that i put on it is better than the downloaded version and its much better for pvp. i never used kill aura or any hacks on the server. when u said it was obvious kill aura InTheVan than it would have locked onto u when u went out of /v. even though you are the owner and i admited to haveing a client on at the time i should be unbanned because there is no REAL PROOF of me actually using kill aura or anything like that.... i simply just had it on for the optifine purposes so please unban me <3 -Guitarist PS: IM NOT DUMB ENOUGH TO HACK ON A SERVER WHERE MOST OF THE STAFF ARE ON like really?????

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