- TheHyperStatic


- I am mature most of the time. I like to have fun with other though, I will take my position serious but I will have fun with the players and other staff that are on the server enjoying it with me.
Are you known with any type coding

Schedule of online time
- Monday Through Friday 4 hours and day, and on the weekend about 6-7hours.

Why do you want to moderate on Vexxumfactions?
- I would like to moderate on the server because I feel like this is a very good community and I would like to make it a lot better than it is already. I also feel that with more staff like me we could get a lot more things done on the server. I also want to be staff on Vexxum because I think I am pretty good at being staff because I have ran 1 server already and was staff on another server which gave me a good experience at being staff.

On what servers have you been staff?
- I have been staff on two servers. The first server was called PvPOGNetwork it averaged around 15-20 players and had a very nice community. I also ran a server named FrogCraft which had a decent outcome and had a nice community  but I had to shut it down because school was starting up and I decided to shut it down.

Time zone

For how long have you been playing on Vexxumfactions?
-I have been playing Vexxum Factions since the end of the first map, and I have been playing all of this map and I am pretty active and will be a lot more active once summer break comes. An during this time that I have been playing I have learned a lot about this server and the people who play on the server.

Anything else we should know?
-I have been playing minecraft for about 4 years now and have played factions almost every single hour of while I was playing because right when I found factions I have loved since. I also record and stream on this server, I am a YouTube Jr. on the server right now. I am decent at screen sharing and I am willing to learn a lot more about how to find hacked clients and other things that people might have. An the last thing is that I am pretty good at talking to people which I think will help me while being staff on this server if I get accepted. Thanks for reading this and for taking your time!

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