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Guitaristatlarge Unban Appeal

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Your current Username (IGN): Guitaristatlarge
Age: 13 - 14 on 19th
Past Username/s: none
Reason For Ban: Hacks
Guilty?: (Yes / No) no
Date of Ban: 4/18/17
Who banned you?: InTheVan
Why should you be unbanned?: i do want to say that i did have a hacked client on but i was not using it! I only had the client on because the optfine that i put on it is better than the downloaded version and its much better for pvp. i never used kill aura or any hacks on the server. when u said it was obvious kill aura InTheVan than it would have locked onto u when u went out of /v. even though you are the owner and i admited to haveing a client on at the time i should be unbanned because there is no REAL PROOF of me actually using kill aura or anything like that.... i simply just had it on for the optifine purposes so please unban me <3 -Guitarist PS: IM NOT DUMB ENOUGH TO HACK ON A SERVER WHERE MOST OF THE STAFF ARE ON like really?????



Guitaristatlarge I have heard that excuss so many times that people use hacked clients for the optifine and like bro if your gonna use a hacked client for Optifine only then disable every key binding and turn off all the hacks so there is no possible chance of you toggling



I'll talk to the higher ups about you being unbanned once the new reset hits. In the future, using ANY sort of blacklisted modification/client for any reason will earn you a permanent ban.

~ Lamest



Due to the date of the ban and now should have been over you will be unbanned if you aren't already.


You are here » Vexxum Factions » Archives » Guitaristatlarge Unban Appeal