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ClappingFeet Helper Application

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Should I be accepted?

57% - 4

42% - 3
Votes: 7


Are you known with any type coding

No, I have never experienced into coding

Schedule of online time

I am able to play 5+ hours a per day

Why do you want to moderate on Vexxumfactions?

I am always on the server, I always look at chat for some reason, meaning I will looking for things like spam, filter bypass etc. I will put my effort on the server to make it one of the friendliest server. It is a great community and just some people are able to ruin this amazing network. I barely see hackers but I've seen quite a few I don't believe that they should have the advantage such as bhop in PvP as you can barely hit them in the game as everyone is the same and they should deserve to be protected from hackers. So, I really want to help VexxumFactions out and make it become bigger and even better. Also, by choosing me to become staff, I could benefit the server a lot from obviously the reasons above but also because I would say I know Vexxum inside and out, teaching other players commands, and how to play factions in general and if there are any custom features added, I would explain how it works and how to use it. I have played factions 2-3 meaning I know most commands, how to find bases, and other important things to learn in factions, I would teach other players if they don't how to! But I am also a fair person, meaning if my friends or anyone, in general, did something against the rules such as illegal mods, hacking, player disrespect etc. I would just punish them like the rest, meaning I wouldn’t abuse or even think about abusing! Now I just come on the server to have fun, but when I submit this application, it is time for me to be more serious, showing that I do want to be here. ​(I also know how to ss players)

On what servers have you been staff?

I have been on a Helper on IntensityCraft was about to be promoted. And I have been a Moderator on TheArchon



For how long have you been playing on VexxumFactions?

I have been playing for about a week by now. (or more)

Anything else we should know?

My name is Yaroslav. I love Minecraft, I have been playing for a long time when the version was 1.6. I play sports such as basketball and football. I am Russian, I kinda stutter in calls with my friends. I have been a Helper on another server (IntensityCraft) but I've been demoted on the server because our new server has got hacked so our owner made a new server (better host). And then I started building / helping on the new server and then my friend David got fired (he was a co owner) long story short, the Owner thought I leaked our new ip address but he couldn't believe in me. And I resigned on TheArchon.

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Thank you for putting time into reading my application!



This is a great application! I love how active you are on the server and how nice you are. +1 Good luck!!!



Chickenify wrote:

This is a great application! I love how active you are on the server and how nice you are. +1 Good luck!!!

Thanks you so much!



- Staff RussianYaro is already staff on another Factions server Mc-Guilds -1
- RussianYaro was Moderator on Intensity and never really moderated chat like he said he does -1/2
- RussianYaro was Helping David (Co-Owner of Intensity) with info about the staff team and Intensity V.3 technically -1
- I had recorded David admitting to hacking the Intensity and David wasn't suposed to know and this kid went a head and told him via msg on Mineplex (Couldn't find the screen shot David and me had lost it)
- RussianYaro was staff on intensity and then when it was hacked he pretended to be on our side and then went with out telling us to become staff on Davids server aka Mc-Guilds and never told Dekey about it I had to send him a screenshot along with out old Manager TheCrazyHobo who also left us.

That is my opinion and would like someone else than Chikenify to respond to my reply and take into consideration

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oh and here

On what servers have you been staff?

I have been on a Helper on IntensityCraft was about to be promoted., I have been a Moderator on TheArchonNetwork, and most recently Mc-Guilds which is the server I betrayed IntensityCraft For after it was hacked my Mc-Guilds manager and was inactive on there



You think I can remember all the servers I've been staff on? "RussianYaro was Moderator on Intensity and never really moderated chat like he said he does" I have and I have proof you have been banned on Intensity by me. And that's why you hate me. I was helping David because the staff team in there were all being mean to me  I have proof. They told me bad words on me and they were being Toxic. How did I pretend I was  actually pretty happy the server got hacked. Like I said the staff team were being mean to me and I can show you proof on Skype.  And you hated me on Intensity when I banned you before. Now since you don't like me. :dontknow:

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Almost every staff will have some haters.



RussianYaro you never banned me on intensity ever in fact I've only been ban on intensity 2 times and one was because CarnageOP when he was trainee had false ban me because we raided his base.



oh and im sorry RussianYaro I put the wrong staff pos for you on intensity lemme fix that

RussianYaro was Trainee on Intensity and never really kept an eye on chat like he said he does -1/2



Alright well stop making the chat big here. Infact I always kept and eye on the chat you can ask the staff team over there I have proof on skype.



Everyday I get on the forums looking if I got accepted lol. If not I'll make a new application later on.Good Luck To All Of You Who Applied

Have fun!



Very good application.



HeyBaby_ wrote:

Very good application.

Thank you so much!



+1 Lovely App! I'd love to see you as a staff member but sadly we're currently full but I wish you the best of luck when that time comes around



umm your the guy who abused a glitch on sammy's server?






-1 Such a rando


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