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Staff application numero dos

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-Very mature

Are you known with any type coding

-Yes python and java i have been coding for about 2-3 years and Im really looking forward to helping server out with it <3

Schedule of online time

-Fridays[all day] and Sundays [all day] and maybe others

Why do you want to moderate on Vexxumfactions?

- I will prob just be helper but when I move up in staff this will be my goal to help as much as i can when i play. I would boost the player count by starting a staff series on here and getting people on here. I know the server is rated PG and has always been that way and I would like to approve that by means I mean you can't say "crap" in local or global there's are things staff can adjust but I would do this is I was staff and much more. I can't think of anything at this time but I imagine there will be a lot more further on. another thing is Screen Sharing. SS is basically seeing if someone is sketchy when they pvp. They have 5 minutes to join the vex discord which is the discord Once they are in they download a and you can see there screen. You will have to be trained to go through files and see if they are using vape etc. I'f found they will be perm ban or before the SS they can admit for a shorter ban which will be 1 month. Many big servers to the SS thing and RC should also. I would also like to improve the server by adding new players to the server. I will start staff series adding many players.

On what servers have you been staff?

-Yes I have, It has been a while though ( Arcon's server) but not a staff ok for a while. and also im a dev for most of my team 5 years now. I have been staff on a few of my friends server and I had a admin position on Dvinefactions, a 30 slot public server hosted by CreeperHost in the UK. It was successful and had alot of players per day, but I didn't like the way the owners were treating the problems (letting the the staff members do all the work and then having them take all the credit) and I didn't like the fact that the chose the worst staff members possible, almost of all of them corrupt. I was also a Mod on NeverLast, a small 15 slot which usually had 9 users on avg. and 1-2 staff on at one time. It was a fun community but was shut down do to lake of time and lack of good staff (most of them were leaving because they wanted to become staff on a bigger server and they couldn't picture the server growing)



For how long have you been playing on VexxumFactions?

-about 2 month

Anything else we should know?
-I am also very diplomatic when it comes to handling situations. Now, when it comes to being active on the server. I also like to continue to provide support that it deserves. I forgot to mention, Im the type of person who's mainly witty and bubbly, but when it comes to tough situations. and still never have been given a chance to show how much I love the server and its people. I love this server and If I didn't I would have left already the server has got rid of many of its servers and I have been for it. . I purely enjoy helping people. It gives me a sense of gratitude when I show someone how to do things the right way or help someone with their issues. I am a good problem solver and I have an analytical brain. These traits make my job easy and fun. I know that staff isnít meant to be a fun job, but keeping a cheerful attitude on job and being friendly to players makes more people want to come back to the server. I love the minecraft community, even though it is harsh at times and I am harsh at it sometimes, but I still enjoy helping it. I like building creations for the good of the community and for my own enjoyment. I don't rage, if I were to leave, I would say my goodbyes and demote myself, not blow the server up first, and I see myself as a good member of your team.



-1 Advertising in chat to make people look at your application


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