Hello, everybody! Due to actions done by a person, we trusted with special administrator perks we'd like to (Or not like to) announce that this season will be ending!

This map's F Top reward will be $25 Buycraft. We'd like to congratulate the winners of this season for winning this seasons F Top!

Unfortunately, the release date of Season 4 is currently unknown but we'd like it to be a week or two from now. If you're unable to wait we'd gladly like to announce that we will be releasing a KitPvp server soon! (Will be taken down when the server releases!)

New Features that will be added are A new CE plugin, Revamped Envoys, Hopefully, a balanced economy, Removal of unbreakable gear, Revamped crates, Minor bug fixes, Upgraded Ram, New Koths, McMMO readded, Factions Money Boosters, Factions XP Boosters, Player Money Boosters, Player XP boosters, Permanent Potion Effects such as /Speed /NightVision, A New Spawn and a Revamped forum! ( Sneak Peak https://gyazo.com/4debd2f0dab8b75061497c6223c31d1d )

Due to the kind of early reset, we will be refunding everyone's PURCHASED items please note that this is NOT money and just the items bought.


We'd like to say sorry to everyone that has "quit" the server and hope that this reset will give them a chance to come back and enjoy the server. We've noticed that some people have remark concerns and we'd just like to say that we will be demoting people to help you not be concerned that those staff members will be abusing like our last "manager". The very last things we'd like to mention is that KitPvp will be launching in a few days while we set it up. The last thing is that forums revamp will be happening! The new forums will be launching at the same time the season 5 launches but here's a sneak peak! https://gyazo.com/4debd2f0dab8b75061497c6223c31d1d