First offense - 30 Day Ban


First offense - 15 Day Ban

Any external software, or client sided mods that clicks for you, or clicks over your clicks is NOT allowed.


First offense - 14d Ban
If Admitted - 7d Ban​

Chat Related

Flooding / Spamming

First offense - 30 Minute Mute​
Second offense Scaling Mutes 1 hour +​

Staff disrespect

First offense - 2 hour mute

This depends on the context and the severity of the messages, giving away personal information of a staff member or any player will be punished with a permanent ban if the player didn't give you permission to do so.


First offense - 1 - 3 hour mute (May Also Result In a Ban)

Death Threats/ Suicide jokes/Telling someone to kill themselves

o First Offense - 24 hour Mute

o Any Other Offense - 2 Day Mute

DDoSing/DoSing/Doxing/DDoS Comedy

First Offense - 24 hour mute

Spam / false use of ./report or ./helpop

First Offense= Warn

Second Offense = 1 Hour Tempban

Racial Slurs / Racisim

First Offense= 2 - 12 Hour Mute

Bypassing Mute.

First Offense= Warn

Secound Offense = 1 Hour Tempban