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Arunforce Staff Application

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IGN: Arunforce [

Age: 18

Maturity: 10/10

Are you known with any type coding: No

Schedule of online time: It depends on my work and sports but 3-4 hours for sure

Why do you want to moderate on Vexxumfactions? I would like to become staff because I want to see this community grow, continue to get even bigger and it starts with the staff team being kind and enthusiastic to the new members. I understand the commitment that comes with becoming a staff member, I know I can meet these standards. It will not only make me a better staff member for the community but a better person in real life. I want to keep this community as clean as possible so hackers do not ruin the fun for new members. I have many ways to take out hackers and would use my experience and knowledge to only better myself and the community. If I think someone is hacking I will tp to them and go about my actions on what the reported hacker is doing, if he is blatantly hacking I will record and instant ban him just in case he tries to get unbanned I will show the higher staff members the video so he stays banned. If the reported hacker isn't blatantly hacking, but shows some sketchiness I will ask him to join TS and further evaluate him to find the hacks. I do not false ban, I always have proof to back my accusations up, I am very fair when nit comes to situations like that.

On what servers have you been staff? I have been staff on many HCF/ factions servers but my most popular server was ParaPots or ParaPvP. Para was a Hcf server with 400+ players constant, there was a practice server also within the network. I was a Senior Admin, which means my job was to manage the staff team wich was over 30+ members due to the huge player base. I had to work my way up to that position obviously, which to almost a year of going back and forth moderating the practice server and Hcf.

TimeZone: EST

For how long have you been playing on Vexxum?: I've been playing for a couple of days now

Anything else we should know?: Well I am 18 years old almost 19, I am a Senior in High School, I play varsity Football, Hockey, and Lacrosse. I am a very funny and kind guy, easy to get along with. I work at a restaurant ads a bus boy, I am a very hard worker at whatever I am asked of me.

I would love to be staff for multiple reasons here are the list of some of the reasons why I wish to become staff. I feel as though i could bring help to the server and i could help a lot of players and help them grow as a community, in the meantime I would also like to learn more about the Factions community and maybe learn more about Vexxum as I grow, I would be a very fair staff member as i want no harm to the community, I will try my best to bring peace between players, I know that I have a big amount of responsibility and maturity as I know that I have that in me. I would dedicate as much time as I possibly could to this network. I notice a lot of players are in the waiting room and don't get the help they need as fast as they should. Recruiting more staff will better that situation so players don't have to wait 20 mins or more for staff assistance. I would help create informative ideas as well as do whatever I am asked of me to complete.  I generally love helping people and Iím a positive person. I love having the feeling when helping a person with their problems. I understand player's frustration when they come on Vexxum and get killed by hackers and can relate and it really ticks me off and I want to bring the population of hackers down. I know as a Trial-Mod I won't really be able to do that much, but I will make do with the permissions I have and I will help make Vexxum a much better place.

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Good Application, Accepted please reply if your still interested



yes van



Application has been Accepted

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